M&A Network - Merger & Acquisition Services for Private Business

Business Transition and M&A Advisory Experts

M&A Network brings together a team of merger & acquisition professionals who act in an advisory capacity to assist business owners with the sale or purchase of a company. Our approach to the transactional process is professional, systematic and sophisticated.

We connect sellers of businesses with qualified buyers of businesses.

For the sellers we have a growing inventory of buyers. We represent businesses for sale. We market and promote them as required, and sell them on behalf of our clients.

For the buyers we have a selection of businesses available for immediate evaluation and purchase. If we do not have a business to meet your requirements, we can be contracted to find the right business for you.

M&A Network Difference

Our services are for businesses with a sale value from $200,000 up to $2,000,000 EBITDA. (Earnings before Income tax, Depreciation and Amortization). We gain a complete understanding of a business, prepare it for sale and connect the seller with carefully qualified buyers. The business is properly represented and the process professionally managed each step of the way to the sale transaction, and beyond if required. We are dedicated to helping the seller to sell the business for a fair enterprise value.

Our clients have access to multiple internal and external resources. The partners and associates are experienced individuals with backgrounds in senior/middle management or business ownership. We understand the essentials of private business. We are the connectors, the relationship quarterbacks, the keys to making transactions happen. Our offices are linked together in a confidentiality-bound system, allowing us to provide each client with the best solutions available. The external partner network is made up of business experts and technicians, all professionally accredited in their respective fields.

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