M&A Network - Merger & Acquisition Services for Private Business

About M&A Network

The M&A Network Difference

Our services are designed for businesses with the enterprise value from $500,000 to $30,000,000. We gain a complete understanding of a business, prepare it for sale and connect the seller with carefully qualified buyers. The business is properly represented and the process professionally managed each step of the way to the sale transaction, and beyond if required. We are dedicated to helping the seller to sell the business for a fair enterprise value.

Our clients have access to multiple internal and external resources through our network of offices. The partners and associates are all experienced individuals with backgrounds in senior/middle management or ownership of a small business. We understand the essentials of private business. The M&A practitioners are the connectors, the relationship quarterbacks, the keys to making transactions happen. Our offices link together through a system bound by confidentiality, allowing them to provide each client with the best solutions available. The external partner network is made up of business experts and technicians, all professionally accredited in their respective fields. Our inventories of businesses-for-sale and buyers, internally reviewed and matched through our state-of-the-art technology, are extensive.

M&A Network Buyer Advisory

M&A Network has a small inventory of companies we are working with. Details will only be shared with qualified buyers. In the event of a buyer wanting to buy a business that we are not aware of, we can be engaged to do a search or to approach a specific company known to the buyer. It is much better for M&A Network to approach business than a buyer has because of our neutrality.

Some Questions We Are Asked

  1. Why should I consider my own business?

    Several reasons: To truly take advantage of your experience and skills! To give yourself the opportunity to make money without any artificial limitations! To control your own time and direction! To control your future!

  2. Should I buy an existing business?

    There are advantages. You have historical financial records to review. You have experienced employees in place, customers, and premises to do business. You have suppliers, credit, cash flow and history. And you have all the documents you need to make an informed decision and develop an effective plan for the future. Remember, buy a business you like and feel comfortable you can make a success.

  3. Should I use M&A Network Professionals to find and purchase a Business?

    Our answer is absolutely yes. Using M&A Network saves time and money and keeps you focused. We take you through the entire purchase process, offering advice and consultation. We ensure you are presented with the facts, help you with the negotiations and most importantly, we will be there to assist when negotiations get tough and bring you to a successful conclusion.


M&A Network is your complete business service provider.